Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shimano Eido Roshi

I am exercising my editorial prerogative and removed this post for now. Stay tuned. -tom aitken


  1. 1. It helps not to stigmatize people, otherwise they will not respect you and won't listen to anything to you have to say.

    2. If you want to help someone you need to meet them where they are at, without judgement. To do this you need to recognize these qualities in yourself.

    3. Desire is insatiable. Sexual energy is a powerful force that can be of great benefit or cause enormous suffering, depending on how it is used. When used wisely it is a tool that aids practice, fuel that feeds the fire. There have been many teachers in the West that have shown us what happens when it is not used skilfully.

    True tantric adepts are celibate. The energy is always contained and channeled into other concentrations. It is never released.

  2. Dear Tom,
    Why? Does removing a post help?
    Surely there was good reason for this post, and if people object to it they don't have to visit this blog.
    Please return the post.
    Kind Rgds

  3. wow, does not feel us peaceful here anymore ;)
    The post was as it was. For me - I only can stay silent, no words, as none can really help nor be the right ones.

  4. OK, this post has been completely revised and published as a new post. Thanks for hanging in there. -tom aitken